Maximum power, maximum upwind with the earliest take-off.

The long fuselage also makes the foil super-stable for progressing foilers.


Wings, fuselages and masts can be interchanged or upgraded to match rider style, budget, foil racing conditions and sport discipline.



The new Race Plus swaps the 115 Standard fuselage for the new 115 Plus fuselage. 

This new fuselage shifts the front wing forwards and reduces tail wing angle to make it more aligned with the front wing. With both wings flying through the water at more parallel angles, you release more speed, you get quicker acceleration and more control. 


The 95 Plus fuselage is supplied with six angle spacers ranging from -2 degrees to +1 degree. The recommended Tail Wing Angle Spacer for the GTR Plus is -1.5 degrees or -1 degree:

-2° for wind speeds of 25+ knots 

-1.5° for wind speeds of 15-25 knots (recommended default angle) 

-1° for wind speeds of 12-14 knots 

-0.5° for wind speeds of 10-12 knots 

-0° for wind speeds of 8-9 knots 

+1° for wind speeds of 7 knots 

These suggested tail wing angles are based on the 330 tail wing and 800 front wing. Your optimum tail wing angle may differ depending on your tail wing size, your body weight, sail size, sailing style, personal preferences and front wing size. 


  • Mast: Carbon 95 cm

    Fuselage: Aluminium 115cm PLus

    Front Wing: Carbon 800cm2

    Tail Wing: Carbon 255cm2


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