The TAAROA NOÉ Freerace 97 has the same mast and fuselage as the Noé 97 Freeride, but the wings are different and will give you more speed.

The Freerace 80 front wing offers a fantastic glide while the back wing has a high aspect ratio which limits the drag of the foil. The combination of both wings makes a foil incredibly quick.


The foil is ideal for freeriders who want extra performance and speed, from intermediate to expert level.


Mast and wings are full carbon for maximum rigidity and performance. The aluminum fuselage offers great rigidity and is relatively light.


The NOE is equipped with a stabilizer adjustment system. It is easy to modify the adjustment of the stabilizer simply by loosening two screws!


A nice transport bag with EVA covers for mast and wings is included



TAAROA NOÉ Freerace 97



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