The Air Ride 81 gets you on a comfortable flight, which will excite you at any times.

This Air Ride+ 91 was developed to get the highest flying-performance available on the market, and made for PWA competitions.


For whom?

The Air Ride 81: Experienced foil surfers looking for the next step in performance, but also newcomers trying to get their first airtime.

The 2019 Air Ride 81 is the perfect choice for windsurfers trying to get into foiling, but don’t want to limit themselves in regards to performance.

Almost the same outline as on the Air Ride 91 creates incredible lift and speed and upwind potential, while the more toe in the nose makes it livelier and therefore suitable for smaller sail sizes.

Still the parallel outline, cut-outs in the tail, reducing the wetted surface, and the hull shape get you up in the air quickly with ease and the touchdowns super smooth.


The construction with 145 liters of volume and a width of 81cm makes the Air Ride 81 match smaller sails perfectly, still creating enough lift to get in the air quickly also with less stiff foils. Multiple insert positions accommodate all levels of windsurfers, which makes this board the perfect platform for beginners in foiling, but also intermediates and advanced riders.


The Air Ride+ 91:

This board is a top contestant for the newly initiated PWA foiling events.

Perfectly aligned for upwind and downwind racing with sails from 7.8m² to over 10m², the Air Ride+ offers tons of power that can easily be handled with the most powerful foils.

The parallel outline, 180 liters of volume and super wide tail of 91cm create a huge hull area surface creates maximum leverage to plane and get lift as early as possible and fly upwind quickly. Thanks to the hull shape you get up in the air very early with smooth touchdowns in the water, creating a very stable flight and performance.



  • Air Ride 81

    Air Ride 91

    Volume: 145 L

    Volume: 180 L

    Length: 226 cm

    Length: 226 cm

    Width: 81 cm

    Width: 91 cm

    Box: Tuttle Foil

    Box: Tuttle Foil



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