Windfoil 90 ,  A super fun, compact and forgiving shape!

A board design for windsurfing hydrofoil sailing.  This shape is the most friendly and compact on our range,,  also have extended side bevels to increase forgiveness when touch down in to the water.. allows the board to rebound right back in to the air effortless

Windfoil 90 will  to accommodate  any windsurf foil available on the market.. 


  • 213 x 90 wide 130 L
  • Reinforced deep turtle box
  • Short and compact
  • Deep double concave bottom
  • expanded deck rails
  • Deep mast track recess


Construction :

Glass  $ 2099

Class / Carbon  $ 2299

Full Carbon $ 2499

custom sizes available


Watch the product video


Tillo Windfoil 90



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