Windfoil COMPETITION is a dedicated windsurf hydrofoil board.

First thing was to found and outline that is powerful / compact / fast and forgiving. reducing wind resistance at the entry while having a super forgiving bottom shape that allows easy rebound when touching down, while maintaining a compact shape that feels responsive and creates more acceleration was key.


No cutout concept : the new foil systems are becoming more powerful and there is no much need for cutouts for early planning. As we measure as of today our current windfoil COMPETITION takes around 6 seconds to get on full foil mode, without the cut outs.


Extra large Side bevels : super important part of the new board concept , when you canting the board upwind usually around 5-10 degrees regular hard rails boards ( Formula / slalom ) usually touch down first and that creates and extremely draggy and unforgiving experience and eventually could slow you down or crash as the rails dictated your line in the water,,,, as a difference the new Extra large Side Bevels place at 6 degree will set flat in top of the water as you canting the board upwind,, creating a flat part under your foot that quickly rebound as you touch down,  and give you that extra safe ride allows the rider to push hard on the board without worry of crashing or touch down.


Bottom Shape : Extra round v with extra concave at the front for reduce water impact and forgiving ride , while finishing in flat at the tail for early planning


Dimentions :

220 x 95 cm 170 L CUSTOM .Full Carbon
220 X 97 cm 170 L PRODUCTION .. Glass/Composite


Construction :

Glass Composite ( Blue ) $ 1999


Glass / Carbon ( Custom Colors) $ 2299


Full Carbon ( Custom Colors ) $ 2499

custom sizes available

Tillo Windfoil Competition



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