The Horue Tiny was developed for light wind to very strong and provides amazing and outstanding flight experience. True pocket-board, it allows short turns and real fun.

Carbon construction (board built in Europe) gives a very light board and it has specific reinforcements for windfoil intensive use.


The 2020 model has still the same freeride / freemove program, but the shape has been rethought and is supposed to be slightly more efficient in light wind.

The is also a new centered position for the footstrap at the rear, which enables to ride with only one rear strap, which is ideal for foilstyle moves or waveriding.

Volumes: 90, 100, 110, 120 and 130L


  • Windfoil and classical windsurfing use
  • Full Carbon made - Made in EU
  • Deep double convave on the hull - Early planing
  • Deep Tuttle Box  reinforced
  • Dimensions available :

90l - 195x75

100l - 195x75

110l - 205x77

120l - 205x77

130l - 205x77


Both foil track and deep tuttle foil box are included on the board.


Do not hesitate to take contact with us with you have any question about this product.


Windfoil Zone is an official distributor of Horue products.

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  • Set including:

    - 1 carbon board Horue Tiny (please select the volume) made in Europe

    - 4 comfort straps Horue made in Europe

    - 1 hex key for mounting the vent screw and straps



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