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FOIL WING COVER SETS (Price: €35 per wing set, so €70 for 2 wings)

The foil wings are easily damaged. Since they generate the lift, they are probably the most important parts of the foil. Needless to say, you want to keep them in pristine shape.

Our wing covers, made with thick padding and a strong outer layer, give all the necessary protection. Use the covers when the wings are assembled on the foil, or when stored separately.

With four different sizes each fitting a range of spans, whatever wings you fly we've got you covered.



Combine the mast bag with the wing covers to completely protect your foil Available in different sizes. Almost any wing size is covered!


Update! The High Aspect 40-60 cm foil cover is unfortunately sold out right now, until august 2020.

You can use the High aspect 60-80 cm to cover your back wing. It will be a bit too large, but it should work fine.

Unifiber Foil Wing Cover Set

Front wing
Back Wing


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