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Course Racing and slalom Foil Windsurf Sail. 

The new XO Sails Gold Foil has been developed to bring the best performance in Slalom Racing Foil.

Powerful, it brings the resource to all paces and particularly up close or downwind.

With its slender profile, it offers minimum drag and great flight stability for optimum performance.

• Slalom, Slalom Racing & Foil
• Pure racing sails
• Acceleration and top speed
• Low luft curve allowing fairly low tension on the downhaul
• Lower luft curve allows a wide compatibility to all kind of mast
• Carbon tubes and/or Fiber glass => increase control


Size (m2) Boom (cm) Luff (cm)
6 169 462
7 182 498
8 198 524
9 202 571
10 204 614




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