The AMPLIFIER is the latest evolution of the ‘ Alloy series ‘ foils. This model focuses on versatility with as many configurations as possible to fit your riding style.


The profiles of the front and rear wings have been studied and developed for maximum stability, a high speed and a early take off. The wings are made of G10 fiberglass for rigidity, profile accuracy and rugged durability.


The mast, plate and fuselage are made of aluminium, and the wings are made in G10 fiber glass. To protect the foil from corrosion, aluminium parts are anodized, and the whole foil is painted with high protection painting which also improves the glide.

The XLW (850cm²) front wing has a thick profile and the higher aspect ratio allow for an early take-off, but still a high maximum speed (beyond 27knots/31Mph) and good upwind capacity.

​The RACE front wing (540cm²) is for riders searching for speed and maneuverability. This wing offers a playful behavior to the foil.

The Speed wing (380 cm2) is the one to use to go fastest above the water.


The stabilizer has been designed with a high aspect ratio and a reduced drag profile. It has 5 different trim options to change the angle of the wing.


There is also a vertical fin attached to the stab.The windfoil is equipped with a 4cm (1,6 inches) vertical fin which allows you to ride in very light wind and learn windfoiling with a stable and predictable hydrofoil. Use a smaller vertical fin (2,5cm / 1 inch) to unlock the hydrofoil on its horizontal axis, making it more maneuverable.

The vertical fin is placed underneath to protect the foil when touching the seabed.



The connection to the board has been studied for maximum stiffness and strength.

Many boards used for the windfoil are not reinforced enough around the fin boxes, moreover the connection between the board and the foil must be as rigid as possible to better control the foil.

Zeeko has designed a plate or mini plate connection that can be associated with a Tuttle box or Deep Tuttle box (screws to connec to the board not supplied). Therefore no need to strengthen your boards. Stress and loads in the Tuttle box are reduced by 70%. This results in better strength and better control of the hydrofoil.

In tuttle mode (also compatible Deep Tuttle), the hydrofoil is compatible with all the boards of the market with a Tuttle box or a Deep Tuttle box.


With the plate screwed on 2 rails US under a board, 4 screws are enough to connect the foil and it is possible to modify its position under the board (move frontward the hydrofoil by 5cm in the short time for example help to ealy take off). The plate is compatible with all the boards of the market with 2 boxes US, holes location: 165X90mm




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