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I regularly get questions about what equipment, tools, resources or services I recommend. I have now put together a curated list of products and websites we strongly recommend to take your foiling skills to the next level.


These recommendations are all products or services I have tested and/or are using regularly. I know that many of you have the same needs and preferences as I have, and using these resources will hopefully save you time and money.

We are most welcome to contact me if you have any questions about these products and services.


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This is the ultimate guide if you have decided to purchase windfoiling equipment in 2019.​

This windfoil buyer's guide was created to help you navigate in the wild, foil-jungle, by sharing detailed product descriptions, product comparisons, product test and reviews.​

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Free Online Course

Windsurf Foil Academy is a comprehensive online instructional course designed for user-friendly windsurfing foil progression.


"We break the learning process down to the basics, and in nearly a 10 different chapters we cover the skills you will need to become a proficient foiler."


Where to buy your windfoiling equipment?

Windfoil Zone is the official distributor of Horue, Mantafoils, Loftsails, Ezzy, Unifiber, Attitud Sails and Surfbent.

You can order these products directly in our online store. (10% off for all order above €200!).


However, we fully understand If you are interested in buying other brands or if you prefer having a close contact with a local shop. We will in the coming weeks build a list of trusted shops per country. These shops are reliable and have strong expertise in foil windsurfing. Some of them also ship internationally. You can also check out our directory to find a shop near you.

Sailoft mission leasing windsurf sail

France only

Sailloft is a quality German sail brand. They do not have any dedicated windfoil sail yet, but the Mission is a freeride sail which works perfectly for "easy foiling" and the Ultimate will also be a great choice for those looking for a race foil sail.


Sailloft France is offering a leasing program for these sails, meaning that you "rent" the sail with a low monthly fee during two years, instead of spending several hundred euros when buying a new sail.


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GoPro windsurf mount

Light, Strong, and Endlessly Versatile, Flymount original is the perfect action camera mount for your foil windsurfing sessions! To be place on your mast or your wishbone.

Price: €69 - Free shipping

Stabilization, 360 degrees, invisible selfie stick, 5.7K video

Simple and stunning effects.

360 degrees action camera

Drone with "follow me" function

Typhoon H is an advanced aerial photography and videography platform with "follow me" function. From €399,-

Check out the video!



For the traveler:

Would you like to save time and find the best places near to the spots? Explore Sportihome, and find the perfect accommodation to stay, with a host sharing the same sports passion, advices about the spots nearby and even his sport equipments.

For the host:

Publish your listing free of charge on and rent out your place to travelers sharing the same passion.

Delphine Cousin, PWA world champion, is Sportihome's official ambassador.

Vacation rentals for your favorite sports



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Probably the best sunglasses for windsurfing

Great polarized sunglasses made for watersports

Lip watershades look great and are really so comfortable and enjoyable to have on when windfoiling. The quality of the product is high: they are durable and strong while at the same time, being very flexible and light-weight.

They work well as urban sunglasses as well, no one would tell that they are specifically made for watersports. However Lip has also an own Urban collection.

Read our full review here

Click the link below and use promo code LIP4LIFE to get 10% OFF !

(The coupon code does not apply for the RX products: Typhoon RX and Surge RX)

Be the Change

Windfoil Zone partners up with MBRC the Oceans to fight against plastic in the oceans.

it's a small action, but many small actions will make a real change.

For each bracelet sold, a €5 donation is given to Plastic Soup Foundation.

In 2018 it represented almost €50,000!

The ropes in all products are made from ECONYL® yarns: 100% recycled waste, coming from old fishing nets and other waste material.

Windfoil Zone's readers get an exclusive discount on the bracelets.


Click the link below and use promo code WINDFOIL to get 10% OFF !



Balance is key in windfoiling! IndoBoards has helped me tremendously! Elite athlete or not - you need INDO BOARDS in your life!

Get one and get better, faster and stronger!

Perfect balance training



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