We help people get kitted up to windfoil:

We offer free lessons to anyone who buys a foil or board from Sailrepair. We also offer demo gear if you want to try.

We have now a large assortment of windfoils and foil boards available:

Windfoil boards brands : AHD, Goya, JP, Starboard, Fanatic

Windsurf hydrofoils: Neilpryde, AFS

Sailrepair offers a comprehensive service to windsurfers across the UK.

We specialise in the repair of monofilm and Xply windsurfing sails, but the Sailrepair shop stocks everything you need from boards to wetsuit glue. 

Windfoil Zone and Sailrepair.co.uk are joining forces to grow the windfoiling sport.

When ordering from sailrepair.co.uk, don't forget to mention that you have read about Sailrepair.co.uk on Windfoil Zone's website.


You will get extra good service and a possible discount!

E-MAIL: info@sailrepair.co.uk

TEL: 01436 820948

Website: http://www.sailrepair.co.uk



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