Not a huge surprise: SELECT HYDROFOIL also enters the windfoil family in collaboration with Taaroa. 

The windsurfing fin company has obviously a perfect legitimacy in the field for a lot of reasons but especially the 2 following:

  • They have been producing Taaroa foils for many years, which are some of the most performing kitefoils on the market.

  • They perfectly master the development, industrialization and the production of carbon prepreg.

With all this know-how, Select should be able to produce very high quality foils. They should in particular be able to produce a mast / fuselage very rigid both in bending and in torsion, which are very important parameters for a hydrofoil.

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More than three years of study, development and fine-tuning were necessary to design the SELECT windfoil. Everything has been done to offer a high-performance windfoil, easy and self-stabilizing, able to fly in an ultra light wind.

With the SELECT / ProFOIL.F1 windfoil, It is now possible to fly starting at 7 knots of wind !

The SELECT windfoil is the culmination of the work of 2 teams:

SELECT and TAAROA which have already developed the most efficient kitefoils in the world.

To achieve this, Select has developed the construction of all the components of a foil designed for windsurfing: much more rigid and more solid as a simple extrapolation inspired by a kitefoil.

The construction of a windfoil is extremely complex and high-tech. Because of the considerable forces at work, all components require perfect development, production and skill.

The ProFOIL.F1 is a concentrate of Select's expertise in hydrodynamics and the use of composite materials. It has been developed and manufactured as a real piece of aeronautics.

Designed with rigour and without any compromise from the quality that has made the reputation of SELECT / SM COMPOSITE.

PRICE: €2290

Maximum Performance for Light Wind

A locked mast / fuselage assembly :
The mast and the fuselage are the structure of the foil. The quality of these two parts is of paramount importance for obtaining the best performance of the front wing and the stabilizer.


The composite structure must be as elaborate as possible to hold the twisting and bending. This is the essential condition to gain stability on all axes, which will determine the ease of control and performance on all points of sail.

Low drag :
The minimal drag of the ProFOIL.F1 is the component for which nothing is left to chance.
The choice of the mast profile, the shape of the fuselage and especially the recess of the wings and stabilizers are without equivalent compared with other foils on the market.

Perfect surfaces :
The preparation of the surfaces is the condition of the performance of all wings, mast and fuselage. Each piece is sanded in five steps to achieve the best factor of water on water gliding.


All parts are bare, without primer, without paint or varnish which impose an unnecessary load and often conceal faults.

Select brochure

Select has developed a great brochure full of information about their foil. 15 pages of detailed description.

Download the Select hydrofoil brochure

Source and pictures on this page: SELECT HYDROFOILS

Select hydrofoil Profoil F.1 brochure


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