Specifically designed for foil racing, the HyperGlide has a tighter leech and lighter feel.  Constructed with lightweight materials to make the HyperGlide as efficient and easy to handle.

The first version of the Severne HyperGlide showed some impressive results during the 2018 racing season:
/   1ST Japan
/   2ND Korea
/   1ST Costa Brava
/   1ST Silvaplana
/   1ST Sylt


The Severne R&D team has now improved the sail even more with great aerodynamic profile, keeping the high-aspect ratio design and improving some key features to get an even more stable profile:


- Less battens to allow the profile to inflate quicker under less induced load
- Lighter cam system as weight is critical in foil sails.
- Reduced boom length improves control and handling.

 The HyperGlide 2 is now faster both upwind and downwind, and the high aspect wing extends the wind range allowing bigger sails to be controllable even when the wind picks up. 


Prices: from €1000

severne Hyperglide2 specifications

Here is a presentation of the Severne HyperGlide 2 by Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, PWA foil world champion 2018:

More info: SEVERNE


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