6 Useful Tips To Improve Your Windfoiling Skills on No-Wind Days!

September 18, 2018

Some great ways to improve your balance in a fun way


Learning how to windsurf and being able to balance on the board is not an easy task for beginners. Learning how to windfoil is assumingly even more difficult for a total beginner, as they will need to deal with a third dimension when the board is in the air.


To achieve sustained flights, it demands good balance and coordination of your body, using your body weight and adjusting your position on the board, shifting the weight between your back foot and your front foot. You also need to strengthen your core and leg muscles to control the pitch (nose up and down) and the roll of the board (lateral movement).


This is something you can practice easily and train at home and I will in the following give you 6 tips and tricks I use on regular basis to improve my balance skills in a fun way and prepare for my next hydrofoil sessions.


These are also perfect “no-wind day” or winter activities, whether you are on your own or with your kids



1- Indo Board


This product is an obvious one.


Did you know that the Indo Board was originally developed as an indoor surfing trainer? It provides balance training and core exercises to help beginner surfers, but also helps to provide advanced surfers an opportunity to perform surf workouts and advanced surf exercises anytime, anywhere.



Before buying the Indo Board, I first made my own DIY balance board by using a rigid wood board and a PVC pipe coated with duct tape. While it worked ok, after a month or so I finally upgraded to an Indo Board, which has a much better rubber roller and a nicer finish. It was absolutely worth the extra money!


Click here to order an Indo Board



2- Slackline


The slackline has so many health benefits and is very fun at the same time: it’s ideal to improve  core strength and burn calories, improve concentration and mental focus, toning of the lower body when simply balancing and walking in a straight line, and toning of the upper body when performing certain tricks.


Bouncing, jumping, sitting down, and more advanced 360s and flips later on:






Slacklining offers several other benefits: It’s a relatively cheap investment, and easy to carry with you anywhere. Not to mention, there is a big social benefit,  for example  it’s really easy to make new friends when you set up the slack line in a public park.



Click here to order a Slackline on Amazon



3- Electric Skateboard


I am a former skateboarder, but still stay up-to-date about new trends around skateboarding even if I’m not skateboarding that much anymore. Electric skateboards have been around for a while, but huge boards and heavy batteries were a huge drawback.


I discovered Elwing recently on social media where it got very good reviews. The French brand has developed an electric skateboard with a neat design, small size and light battery pack, making it easy to carry anywhere.



The battery holds for about 10 km and it takes only 90 minutes to recharge completely. Should you run out of battery, you can also release the wheels from the motor and use the skateboard as a conventional one. Elwing board is currently only available in the EU, for now.




Elwing's retail price is €499, however Windfoil Zone readers will get 5% off (-€25) when using the promo code:




Visit Elwing's website, and copy-paste the code during check out.


4- Electric Foilboard


This product is still on my radar, I have’nt tried it yet but it looks very fun and I will for sure get one soon. The E-foil combines the joy of being above the water with a good balance exercise. However, prices are still excessive (around €5000 !).



Several producers have launched or are about to launch, and competition for E-Foils will hopefully drive prices down after a while. I will update this  post at a later stage and hopefully come with a recommended product after testing. For the moment, here are some of the brands to keep an eye on: Whimsifoil, Liftfoil, Takuma Concept, Okarbon, Hoverstar, Vefoil, and Fliteboard.



5- Yoga Courses


Yoga and meditation are trendy right now, and there are good reasons for that. Yoga helps you to better understand and control your body and your mind, improve your core strength, your balance, and your concentration. It is also a perfect activity to relax after a long day at work.


As I didn’t have access to yoga courses near my home, I started doing yoga by following some YouTube channels. While it’s a good way to start, I often spend more time scrolling through the jungle of yoga channels of variable qualities than in actually practicing yoga.




That was until I found an online based yoga course called Yoga Download. The good thing about this program is that you can, as indicated in the name, download the yoga classes you are interested in directly to your phone or tablet, and use it offline anywhere.




There are different yoga courses for all levels and with different goals and objectives in mind: from beginner to advanced lessons, relaxation or fitness, flexibility or strength, and even for men or for kids! The videos are professionally made and in HD, with detailed instructions on how to do each of the different poses. These are paid courses but at a very affordable price, and you can choose whatever program is suitable for you. There are even some free classes.


Click here to check out Yoga Download



6- Inflatable WindSUP


You have probably heard of inflatable SUP boards before, but did you know that you can also buy inflatable WindSUP boards, that is inflatable SUP boards with a mast track which enable you to put a rig on it?


I’ve never been fond of running, so for me, it’s the perfect cardio training exercise and it lets me spend some time on the water as well. During the weekend I often take my kids to the beach and we all have a great time on the board.


As my board is equipped with a mast foot, I can easily put a kid rig on it or even my own rig and go for a ride, a bit like in the good old days with a “windsurfer”. Exercising and playing with an inflatable WindSUP is really a fun activity for the whole family.


Planning with the Unifiber inflatable WindSUP from


Best of all, it folds up small enough to fit in a backpack and it’s easy to carry to any destination. Take your SUP, a paddle or a rig, and you are ready to go. I also have a rechargeable electric pump which pumps my board to 20 psi in less than 5 minutes, as I found manual pumping exhausting!


My WindSUP comes from Unifiber and it’s one of the products Windfoil Zone is distributing. The 2018 WindSup have been very popular and completely sold out, but pre-orders for the 2019 collection are now open for delivery in spring 2019, and offer a 10% discount on the normal retail price for pre-orders.


Check out the 2019 Unifiber Inflatable SUP collection here.


 Elevate 280 inflatable Windsurf /SUP

I hope this list of activities will inspire you to find new ways to train and improve your foiling skills. These suggestions work very well for me, but you may have other suggestions of tools or activities to improve your windfoiling skills. It would be awesome if you could share it in the comments below!






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