Tabou was founded 1991 in France by Fabien Vollenweider. Fabien has been shaping for over 20 years and is a shareholder of Tabou. He lives for windsurfing and is passionate about making leading edge designs.

Tabou is part of the Gaastra group.


3 board concepts: Convertible, Foil board and "all-in-on" foil



The Manta is a convertible freerace - windfoil board, ideal if you want to foil in light wind, but still prefers blasting around with a regular windsurf board when the wind picks up.

The Air Ride is for passionate foil surfers, who are looking for higher foil performance.

The Magic carpet: The latest addition to the brand. The perfect platform for various foiling disciplines.

Source and pictures on this page: TABOU


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