We have asked this simple question to windfoil experts, pros and amateurs: «What’s the best advice you can give to a beginner windfoiler?»

In this article, we will talk in particular about wetsuits, which are often criticized for their negative impact on the environment. This is what our partner Wildsuits, a relatively new French wetsuit company, decided to do something with: The founders Antoine and Oliv...

Lip watershades, probably among the best polarized water sunglasses. They look great and are really comfortable.

Since September 5th, Olympic Sailor João Rodrigues and his friend Sabão have been waiting for ideal weather conditions for a safe attempt to make the same crossing on a hydrofoil windsurfing board! The goal was to depart from Madeira and sail to Porto Santo and then go...

A new "Young Gun" foil windsurfing interview featuring Mani, 13 years old.Mani is Type 1 diabetic, but he wants to share his experience with others.

We are just about to round off the summer, however 2019 is almost over, at least if you’re thinking about windsurfing gear.

Interview with 25x World Champion Antoine Albeau F-192, who gives a fresh status on how windsurfing foil development and its future.

Learn how to make your first jumps with your windfoil. Jumping and freestyle moves with a foil may be the next trend in windfoil.

Balz Müller recently published a video dedicated to windfoil newbies (filmed by Kuramovie7), but it ended up catching the eye of experienced foilers too.

Windfoiling is here to stay and will gain more and more popularity in the years to come, recruiting new fans to the sport. Here are the top 7 reasons why.

Once again this month we have listed some new products that have been launched recently and a sneak peak of some of the new products that are announced for 2020: foils, boards and sails dedicated to foiling. Check it out!

Following our article about carbon hydrofoils , this has been one of the most frequently asked questions we received and so we wanted to cover this subject.

Have you ever dreamed of a website which combines a guide of the very best spots for windsurfing (and other sports) and a booking site to find rental houses.

Windsurfing has always been about speed. Can windfoiling be the solution to go even faster? We have asked the question to windfoil experts.

Ever wondered how it looks like to foil above 30 knots? Benjamin Tillier shows in this video the incredible feeling of speeding in foil windsurfing. 31.6 knots!

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