We have asked this simple question to windfoil experts, pros and amateurs: «What’s the best advice you can give to a beginner windfoiler?»

In this article, we will talk in particular about wetsuits, which are often criticized for their negative impact on the environment. This is what our partner Wildsuits, a relatively new French wetsuit company, decided to do something with: The founders Antoine and Oliv...

A new "Young Gun" foil windsurfing interview featuring Mani, 13 years old.Mani is Type 1 diabetic, but he wants to share his experience with others.

Interview with 25x World Champion Antoine Albeau F-192, who gives a fresh status on how windsurfing foil development and its future.

The rivalry between windsurfers and kitesurfers has always been present, but the foiling aspect may actually bring the communities together opposed to against, especially because we are first and foremost foilers! Not to mention, we also love the thrill of flying above...

Windsurfing has always been about speed. Can windfoiling be the solution to go even faster? We have asked the question to windfoil experts.

Do foils attract sharks? The question is popping up in many places on the Internet. We have heard and seen sharks getting very close to foilers.

Tomorrow starts the 5th PWA event of the 2019 season in the Costa Brava (Spain), and it will be a foil-only event! We are looking forward to this event.

While we do recommend learning on a board dedicated to foil windsurfing, you can use your regular windsurf board to windfoil, but you should change the fin box to a reinforced deep tuttle ready to foil box.

Today let’s meet Alexandre and Julian. They are both French, 16 years old. They windfoil together and are both full of ambition for their future career.

"In the future, I’m pretty sure that it will become easier and easier to learn foiling and people will even probably learn foiling before learning regular windsurf planing!"

In this video, Antoine Albeau - 25 times PWA windsurf world champion - makes a detailed presentation of the new 2019 Neilpryde F4 Racing hydrofoil.

I like the idea of showing people that any average Joe can have fun on a foil and play in exciting conditions. Maybe one day there will be as many foilists out storm sailing as 'fin' surfers?

Once I was asked why I even bother windsurfing, because no one really care about the female windsurfers. This makes me just want to push harder and fight more.

A new interview today featuring a "Young Gun" and a “windfoil girl” at the same time. Let's meet Danicka from Hawaii, 14 years old. She is a fairly new windfoiler, but have some hairy goals already!

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