We have asked this simple question to windfoil experts, pros and amateurs: «What’s the best advice you can give to a beginner windfoiler?»

Foil jumping and progressing on to things like foiling loops aren’t that big a deal once riders get their heads round the fact there’s a large dangly thing protruding from the tail of the board. It’s not as sketchy as you’d imagine – for anyone with a decent amount of...

Learn how to make your first jumps with your windfoil. Jumping and freestyle moves with a foil may be the next trend in windfoil.

Balz Müller recently published a video dedicated to windfoil newbies (filmed by Kuramovie7), but it ended up catching the eye of experienced foilers too.

You have been foiling for a while and are ready for new challenges? The foiling jibe may be the next one.

Today let's get some piece and advice from an expert: Markus Hetzmannseder is running the windfurf foil school Foil windsurf center in Austria and gives us his best tips to choose a foil.

To help you out, we have asked a bunch of windfoil experts to give us their 3 best pieces of advice to help you finally fly in light wind.

Tutorial: Jibing is a basic transition in windsurf, and of course a move any windfoiler will want to acquire as soon as possible.

Have you ever experienced hearing a harmonic whistling sound when you get a bit of speed on your foil? I have. Here are some tips to get rid of this.

We have discussed with Dominique who started foiling in 2014, and has now moved on to something which potentially could become a new discipline within windfoiling: strapless foiling.

Today we have discussed the subject with Øyvind Birkeland, a Norwegian windfoiler with almost 2 years of foiling experience, and he is used to strong winds as he lives on the windy, west coast of Norway. He tells us about his experience from the recent Windsurf Nation...

Ben Profitt from has been trying out wind foiling for the first time and he had the brilliant idea to document it on video to give you an idea of what you should expect when you give windsurf foiling a try for the first time: All the new sensations, exci...

If you are a complete beginner, this article will hopefully give you a better understanding of what windfoiling is, how it works, and how to get going.

How much wind is necessary to sail with a windfoil? What is the technique to fly above the water? What kind of windsurf equipment is needed to windfoil?

We sometimes get questions about how easy it is to assemble and dismount a windfoil. Here is a small video showing how to assemble Neilpryde's alloy windfoil.

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