Balz Müller recently published a video dedicated to windfoil newbies (filmed by Kuramovie7), but it ended up catching the eye of experienced foilers too.

Ever wondered how it looks like to foil above 30 knots? Benjamin Tillier shows in this video the incredible feeling of speeding in foil windsurfing. 31.6 knots!

Do foils attract sharks? The question is popping up in many places on the Internet. We have heard and seen sharks getting very close to foilers.

The PWA world windsurfing tour finally organised a women foiling competition in 2019. There have been 2 events so far, in Yokosuka, Japan, and Ulsan, Korean.

You have been foiling for a while and are ready for new challenges? The foiling jibe may be the next one.

This the video of the weekend. If you have not seen it yet, check it out, it's really worth it!

"In the future, I’m pretty sure that it will become easier and easier to learn foiling and people will even probably learn foiling before learning regular windsurf planing!"

In this video, Antoine Albeau - 25 times PWA windsurf world champion - makes a detailed presentation of the new 2019 Neilpryde F4 Racing hydrofoil.

Fantastic video showing how the French national windsurf team prepares for the coming PWA world cup foiling event in Japan (May 10th-15th 2019).

The Freestyle PWA event in Bonaire is on!And while everybody was practicing their moves before the competition start, Balz Müller was still foiling.

Good foiling session in Norway yesterday. The water is still cold, but getting warmer every day.I tested the Ezzy Hydra 7.0

Windfoiling is really hot right now and all windsurfing brands are developing their own range of windfoiling products. Here are the latest product launches.

Windfoiling competitions, together with the interest of windsurf manufacturers, the support of top level athletes and the general interest of the windsurfing community could be the first steps in getting windfoiling to become an Olympic sport.

Many new brands have entered the windfoiling market, offering a large assortment of windfoil equipment to the public. While 2017 had a clear orientation towards race foiling, with expensive and elitist products, 2018 gave a much wider offer of products with stronger fr...

We used to talk about windfoiling as one discipline within windsurfing, and one year later we have now 4 different styles of windfoiling!

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