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What is windfoil Zone


My name is Romain. I started Windfoil Zone in August 2017 after the seeing a growing interest for the discipline. I have been windsurfing since the 90’s but like many other windsurfers, I switched over to kiteboarding about 10 years ago.

I tested out windfoiling in 2017 and got immediately hooked! It’s fun and addictive and allowed me to double my time out on the water, changing what used to be no-wind days into perfect foiling conditions.

I realized that there were no dedicated resources on the Internet about windfoiling, so I decided to create the first Go-To website about this discipline.

Since that day, Windfoil Zone has been growing, and has achieved a status as a trustworthy source of information about windfoiling, related products, services, and tips from experts.


A Growing Windfoiling Community is the only website 100% dedicated to windfoil. The site is growing in popularity rapidly. The website receives about 10.000 unique visitors and 25.000 page views per month, and the number of visitors continues to grow organically at a rapid pace. The average time spent on the website is more than 3 minutes !

The traffic on the website comes from all over the world, but in particular from places where windsurfing is popular: France, UK, USA, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Main Website Elements:

Brand guide: Continuously updated guide with all professional windfoil brands

Tutorials: Videos showing how to get started for beginners, improving techniques for moderate foilers, and for the more advanced there are opportunities to see new tricks.

Blog: News, interviews, tutorials, brand reviews.

Directory: All the places where you can rent and/or learn how to windfoil

Online Store: Our own selection of products from trusted brands.

Current instagram feed:

Our Instagram account is also growing rapidly and has MORE THAN 24.000 followers with high engagement, giving us the possibility to link our Instagram stories to a website.

We publish daily inspirational pictures and videos to engage and recruit people into windfoiling.

Followers are mainly male between 24 and 44 years old.

All are windsurf and/or extreme sports enthusiasts.

Below: An audit of our Instragram account by "Hypeauditor" showing the quality of our followers.

report hydeauditor windfoil zone


We are looking for partners who would like to support our work on the long term.

The product or services promoted on our site should only be of the highest quality and with a direct link to windfoiling / windsurfing. Our goal is to give an added value to our readers by recommanding truly great product or services, not just promote a random product.

If you enter a partnership with us, you will be able to communicate your brand towards a very well defined target group.


Here are partnership solutions we would be interested in looking at:

  • Listing in our Windfoil Directory (register a Basic or Partner listing below)

  • Sponsored posts on instagram stories and Facebook with link to your page

  • Sponsored blog posts about your place

  • Affiliate sales or drop shipping of your products

  • Advertising on the website on relevant pages (25.000 pages views per month)


You are also welcome to contact us, we are open for suggestions.


Looking forward to hearing from you!





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