Xtremfoil produces both kitefoil and windsurf foils. The hydrofoils are in 100% carbon, which make them both light and strong.

The form of the foil is clearly inspired by the long wings of a glider plane.

You can choose between 2 wing sizes and 2 stabilizators:

You can choose between 2 wing sizes and 2 stabilizators:

Freeride configuration: Font wing 87 cm, back wing: 54 cm

Race configuration: Front wing 77 cm, back wing:43 cm

The larger wing is meant for beginners and light wind conditions as it gives an early take-off.

On the contrary, the smaller wing is ideal for advanced windsurfers, can be used in stronger winds, and makes it easier to go upwind.

PRICE: €2150

According to Windsurf boutique who has tested the foil, the 2017 has a significantly improved compared to previous versions, but there are still some issues with stability. Early take-off, and good glide even in the lows.

Xtremfoil is a pretty young company, and windfoil is a new territory for them. They are constantly improving their foil, and no doubt that it's a brand we should keep in mind in the years to come.

Source and pictures on this page: XTREMFOIL and WINDSURF BOUTIQUE


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